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1005b php Business Website Template

Template Name: 1005b php Business Website Template

1005b php Business Website Template
1005b php Business Website Template


An ad-ready php business website template with time-saving php Includes, css navigation and auto updating copyright year. Using Includes allows you to make changes across your entire site by editing just the Include files.

There are 6 php Includes in this template:

  • ads.php – optional – Banner or Adsense or whatever ads you use.
  • footer.php – Your copyright mesage, links and auto-updating copyright year.
  • header.php – Site Title and Slogan.
  • leftnav.php – Left Navigation Sidebar.
  • rightnav.php – Right Navigation Sidebar.
  • topnav.php – Multi level CSS drop-down navigation system.

The header Include does not contain any metadata which means you can still maintain a unique Title and Description for each page.

A note about ads.php

If you don’t want to use my Include to display ads on your pages (ads.php), delete the Include command from the main template (_template.php)

The Include command looks like this: <?php include(“ads.php”); ?>

If you want to change the position of the ad block, simply relocate the Include command to the beginning or the end of a post block. The Include command can be positioned multiple times if so desired.

The template is well commented so don’t worry too much about moving things around. However, remember to make a backup of the entire template folder before sinking your teeth into it.

Download: – 189 KB – Preview

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