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Adsense-Ready Twenty Eleven Blogging Theme

Template Name: Blogging

Adsense-Ready Twenty Eleven Blogging Theme Screenshot

Blogging Theme Screenshot

Includes 6 Blogging Niche Header Graphics.

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Six Blogging Niche Header Graphics

These are the default Header graphics. They have been resized to 1000px x 200px which is a bit smaller from the default Twenty Eleven size of 1000px x 288px. This allows for more ads to be viewed above the Fold.

In addition, any photos you upload to create your own custom header will also be scaled down to 1000px x 200px.


Blogging is an Adsense-Ready Twenty Eleven Child-Theme for the WordPress publishing platform. If you are running WordPress 3.2 or better, this theme works out of the box. Features Include:

  • Post Thumnails on Front page, search pages, and all archive pages.
  • Extra wide Sidebar fits advertisements up to 300px wide.
  • Reduced header sizes for increased ad coverage.
  • Auto-updating copyright year in the footer.
  • Automatic Site Name in footer.
  • Source code is commented where ad codes should go. Instructions supplied.
  • GPL Licensed

Please visit the theme page for extra info about Blogging Theme.

Download: – 222 KB

Twenty Eleven Child Theme Pilbara Sunset

Template Name: Pilbara Sunset

Australian Outback Theme 1033A
Pilbara Sunset Theme

Pilbara Sunset Header Graphics
Pilbara Sunset Header Graphics


Pilbara Sunset is a Twenty Eleven Child Theme which means that if you are running WordPress 3.2 or better this theme will work out of the box. Pilbara Sunset boasts many outstanding features including:

  • Wide Sidebar which fits ads 300px wide
  • 6 Header Graphics can be rotated and displayed at random, or you can pick just one
  • Inherited build-in Photo Gallery Functions
  • Auto-updating Copyright Year in the Footer
  • Show Featured Image as Post Thumbnails on Front, Search and Archive pages.
  • Sidebar on all pages, posts, archives, search results and image gallery pages
  • GPL Licensed
  • Change Background color through WP Admin
  • Change hyperlink color through WP admin

In addition, you can upload photos through the WP Admin and crop them into a header. You can create as many headers as you like with this method.

Live Demo: At time of writing, Formwork Blog is using Pilbara Sunset.

Download: – 341 KB


Visit The Pilbara Sunset theme page for more information.

The Pilbara is located in North Western Australia.