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PHP Corporate Homepage 02

Template Name: PHP Corporate Homepage 02

PHP Corporate Homepage 02
PHP Corporate Homepage 02


This is the PHP version of Corporate Homepage 02 which features 5 PHP Includes, auto updating copyright year and valid XHTML/CSS.

Add your site information and navigation links into these 5 PHP Includes:

  • header.php
  • top-nav.php
  • left-sidebar.php
  • right-sidebar.php
  • footer.php

The header include does not contain any metadata which means you can still maintain a unique Title and Description for each page.

The actual template is named _template.php. Duplicate this file each time you want to build a new web page and link to it from one of the include files.

The main benefit of using a PHP Include template is that you can make changes across your entire site by simply editing the Include files.

So each time you create a new web page for your site, simply add a link from one or more of the include files.

If you end up with 30 or more pages, you may consider adding Category Index pages to save room in the navigation panels.

For example: If you have a hundred pages, you could make ten Category Index Pages and link to them from the PHP Includes. Then you link to your 100 content pages from your Category Index Pages.

This is a good way to save valuable web page real estate.

Download: – 130 KB – Preview

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