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WordPress Massage Therapy Theme 2

Template Name: WP Massage Therapy 2

Wordpress Massage Therapy Theme 2
Wordpress Massage Therapy Theme 2


This template is based on our first Massage Therapy WordPress Theme which has two sidebars on the right. In this theme, there is one sidebar on the left and one on the right to provide therapists that traditional website look while maintaining a professional appearance.

Some other minor changes have been made such as changing the graphic in the background, reducing the size of the CSS Drop-Down menu, darkening the text in the main content areas and lightening the background color a bit.

This theme can also be also used for blogging similar niches such as Aromatherapy, Reiki, Bowen Technique, etc.

I will be releasing more massage therapy templates and themes (with different header graphics) so if you want to stay informed, please subscribe to our Free RSS feed.

Download: – 239 KB – Preview

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